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I thought I’d preface this rather dreary Day In The Life post with a cheery photo of me in my messy new bedroom from Saturday (see earlier post – this was clearly before I realised it was about vampires).

Today, I have been trying to get my shit together and failing miserably. I slept in, with the company of Max, as I’m on a late shift at work. The first day is always the worst. When I got out of bed, I felt decidedly dodgy and that’s lasted all day – a bit like I have a hangover without having had any of the accompanying fun.

I had a shower – which has been rather a disappointing experience in our new house. The shower looks good, a big old Victorian rainshower head, but you can either have a warm shower with all the pressure of a kitten licking you, or a burning hot shower with the pressure of a thousand spears. Bah.

Once I got out the shower, I realised that someone was in the garden cutting the grass. Hopefully, they didn’t see me in the shower through the blind-less window… I got dressed, had some breakfast (strawberries) and then drove Max and I down to the park for a walk around the reservoir. We saw one other dog and a lot of crows.

When we got back, I had some lunch (a lamb sandwich, left over from dinner yesterday) and a drink and Max and I listened to the radio for a bit. Then I spent about 3 hours trying to lock the bloody door – the locks are very stiff – and then went off to work.

I’ve been in rather a bogged down fug for a while but the past week has been hard. I can’t put my finger on what it is, but I’m struggling to adjust to our new surroundings and I’m having quite a crisis of confidence with The Bellwether. I feel like I’ve been droning on about this for a long time, but last week, someone highlighted to me that an Etsy shop is selling two of my designs as if they’re their own and I haven’t been able to shake it off. Usually, I sigh, get angry for 10 minutes and then shake it off, but I think starting from the standpoint of not knowing what I am doing anymore has made it all the harder to get over (I’ve contacted them, they’ve ignored me and the things are still for sale). If I was to give up every time I found someone ripping me off, I’d never get out of bed, but this week, I really just feel like I’ve had enough.

Having closed the shop whilst we moved house, I didn’t miss it. I wasn’t itching to get back to it. And I’m now thinking, maybe I should just give it up now. Maybe with business being in the doldrums and me feeling so miserable about it, maybe that’s the natural time to call it a day? But then what if I change my mind and the damage is done? Really, I need to make a decision and implement it.

Well, I suppose that’s what happens with Day In The Life – sometimes you get fun days (like Kim‘s – she got a new puppy!) and sometimes you get pissers like mine. Meh.



I’m Claire and I live near Glasgow, in Scotland. I have strong family ties to Cincinnati, too and regard it as my second home. If I had to describe myself in five words, it would be thus: Does. Not. Suffer. Fools. Gladly. I’ve been cross stitching pretty much all my life, but professionally since 2005, first as Miso Funky, then as The Bellwether and now under my own name. I'm known for my witty, sarcastic and occasionally profane typographic designs. My work has been featured in The Sunday Times, The Guardian, Channel 4 and on BBC television as well as numerous media outlets across the globe. At one point, I was kind of a big deal but I mostly just dabble in it these days when I have time. My website is a repositry of cross stitch charts, travel and food blogging and you'll find it at I also love to travel and eat, ideally travelling somewhere great to eat something brilliant. I'm fascinated by social history, particularly the Victorians and will absolutely beat you hands down in a quiz about the Tudors. Dogs are LIFE. I like being in water and have lots of ideas that will never see the light of day but would definitely be a winner on Dragon’s Den/Shark Tank. I love to give people gifts. I! also! overuse! exclamation! marks! sorry!

4 thoughts on “My Today

  1. Hey Claire, I just wanted to stop by and give you a big internety hug. I felt kind of like you needed it. I really enjoy your blogs so I am sad to see you so down.
    I really hope you find the right decision for you.
    Big hugs, Jen x


  2. Chin up, chuck. Hope you find a decision that is right for you, but I agree you should make one. My vote goes for shutting up shop – life would be so much more fun and so much less stressful, I think, and you could focus your attentions on your new house etc. so you’d still be very much occupied and I’m sure you’d find plenty of new projects to give you a sense of achievement/fulfillment, like what you are going to do with all those rooms…? But I guess that is easy for me to say, as someone who could pester you for items in real life if I missed your shop too much 🙂


  3. I think you write really well and I wonder if you could write advising others on small business? You are one of a very few who tells the truth about the craft world: your post about rubbish craft fairs was spot on, and I think people would really enjoy your take on the world of small indie businesses. Hope that wee ramble is of some help!


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