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Day In The Life – May 2016 Edition


Monday 30th May (ie tomorrow) is the next Day In The Life day. Hooray! Marceline chose it and as she is currently gadding about Japan like she doesn’t have a care in the world after where her next fix of kawaii plush is coming from, it should be interesting to see her snaps of what she’s getting up to out there.

What’s Day In The Life, you ask? Well, basically, we’ve been doing this for years now – basically just documenting one random day in our lives. I love to read about the different things people get up to, however mundane, and it’s a wee interesting insight into the lives of others.

We tend to do it on Instagram these days, but past DITLs include graphs, videos and diary entries. It’s fun, so why not join in this time around?

You can follow the action on the #IGDayInTheLife hashtag – be sure to add that to your posts to join in!

Follow me on Instagram @tinyotterpaws and Marceline @marcelinesmith.

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DITL Revisited

I quite enjoyed the last Day In The Life we did! It was really fun to see everyone’s Instagrams – if you would like to look back ‘pon it, check out the IFDayInTheLife hashtag. I’m @tinyotterpaws.

I actually had a pretty super-fun packed day so had lots to photograph. The most depressing photo has to be that conker though – already! It’s less than 20 weeks until Christmas. Time is flying past.

The winner of the Christmas cross stitch kit, by the way, in case you thought I’d forgotten, is Rebecca. Yay!

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Day In The Life – Tomorrow!

Day In The Life - Join Us!

Never knowingly over-prepared, that’s me. But tomorrow, my good pal Marceline and I are reviving Day In The Life in a new format – an hourly photo over on Instagram.

You’ll find me on Instagram as @tinyotterpaws. Or click here if you are on a clever phone. Join in if you like, it’s fun to see what everyone gets up to. If you do, or just want to see what we are doing, then check out the #IGdayinthelife hash tag.

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Day In The Life Revival


I miss Day In The Life posts, so I’m determined to resurrect them for next year. To thisend, I am going to propose Boxing Day, aka Friday 26th December, as the next one.

If you’d care to join in, basically just write a blog post about what you do on Boxing Day. It can be a few short lines, a full blown hour by hour account, or a photographic journal. We’ve even had pie charts before. 

It’s always fun to read the minutiae of other people’s lives (or it is for me, at least), so if you’re inclined, let me know if you join in by leaving a comment with a link to your post and I’ll collate them for posterity. I’ve found some great new blogs to read as part of DITL, hopefully you will too.

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Day In The Life 20.04.14

This time around, Laura chose the date for DITL.  As it worked out, I didn’t really have all that interesting a day, but here it is, anyway.

I was awoken strangely later than anticipated by the furry alarm clock, who didn’t make an appearance upstairs until 8.15. We’d planned to get up early to visit the car boot sale at Overton Farm, so after Max had licked my face into oblivion, I had a shower, dressed and took him for a short walk in the woods.

Lee and I then headed in the sunshine to the car boot sale, which was totally mobbed with visitors but didn’t have all that many good stalls. We did still manage to buy a wooden obelisk for training sweet peas up for the garden, and a massive sack of kindling – we’re all about the wood.

After that, we had breakfast at Sandyholm and then discovered the lovely village of Crossford, which we’ll have to go back to another day, as I hear they have a narrow gauge railway – whoa!

We made it home by 12 noon and then, I’m afraid to say I did nothing else apart from sew for the entire day. I’ve designed a collection of patterns around a central theme and I am frantically trying to get them all stitched up as quickly as possible so as to release them. It’s taking slightly longer than I had planned, and I hit a bit of a stumbling block last night as I discovered my charting was slightly wrong around one more intricate part of the main design and had to unpick it no fewer than 4 times. GAH.

We had really awesome homemade pizza for dinner and then more sewing until I couldn’t see straight and had to go to bed around 11pm. I also watched several episodes of Breaking Bad which I am ploughing through for the first time. It took me until nearly the end of season 2 to get into it, and I finally started to like it when this happened:


I bloody love Mexican music.

Umm, that was it this time. Check out Laura’s blog for a round-up later!

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Day In The Life 10th March 2014

I meant to do a proper DITL post for this day, but then haven’t had time and have now probably forgotten half of it. But, luckily, I did take photos to jog my memory.

I woke up when Lee went to work and Max came to join me in bed. We had a short snooze further and then I got up, showered and dressed. I then took photos of the prize for the massive Super Cute Kawaii giveaway that is running at the moment – you should totally enter!


Whilst I was doing that, the postman arrived, so I shut the dog indoors and had a chat with him. He didn’t bring anything exciting though, despite it being my birthday the next day. The perils of being old.

After that, I took some photos for my Not On The High Street store whilst it was not raining and I had the camera out. I also took this photo to add to my own webshop, I didn’t think it would be all that popular, but 2 people have asked for one on Instagram already, so I may as well add it.


Whoever would say no? Idiots, that’s who. Whilst I am taking the photos, I remember that Lee made chocolate brownies, so I have a bit for breakfast. I’m an adult, I can do what I want. Then a man arrives at the house asking me if he can put some stickers on next door’s propane gas tank. He doesn’t seem able to fathom that I have no authority over such matters. I eventually tell him to have at it.

By this point, the dog is doing my nut in, so I take him up to the local forestry commission place for a walk. It’s approximately a 2 minute drive away, but we can’t walk there without being killed.


It’s the first day this year I have been able to go out without a coat on. It’s glorious. Max enjoys gambolling around in the sunshine. We trek round for a couple of miles, before heading back to the car, and home.


Amazing. No rain! Then I had to drive all the way to Helensburgh, which is very far away from my house now. About 50 miles, in fact. It takes about an hour and 45 minutes. But first, I met Marceline in Partick and then we went to Ikea so she could pick up some new things for her new pad. Of course, we had to have cake first.


A cake break also, of course, means an Instagram opportunity! After we refuelled and shopped, we drove to Helensburgh and on the way there, were discussing a mutual acquaintance of ours who also recently moved there. As soon as we got out of the car outside Marceline’s new flat, said acquaintance walked past – uncanny! So we had a quick chat, and then lugged everything upstairs and marvelled again at how ace the flat is.

After unpacking things, we had a stroll around H-burgh to take in the sights as it wasn’t raining. Behold, the delightfully old-skool postbox:


Love it. I wonder what happens if you put things in the wrong slots? Also discovered this ghost sign, just around the corner:


No visit to H-burgh is complete without an ice-cream from Dino’s Radio Cafe. The best ice-cream in the West!


Delicious, if a little unseasonal (and blurry)! A quick pitstop at the most picturesque supermarket car park ever (Waitrose in H-burgh is awesome)…


and then I dropped Marceline off at home in Bridgeton and went home.

Once I got there, Lee and I decided to go for Chinese food at our favourite place – which is another 40 mile or so round-trip. I made him drive, but I drove home. The food is delish and worth the journey!


God, it was good. Then home, some puppy time and then bed. Zzzzzz. I’d love to reignite Day In The Life blogging. Want to join me? First person to comment that they do gets to pick the next date!

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My Today



I thought I’d preface this rather dreary Day In The Life post with a cheery photo of me in my messy new bedroom from Saturday (see earlier post – this was clearly before I realised it was about vampires).

Today, I have been trying to get my shit together and failing miserably. I slept in, with the company of Max, as I’m on a late shift at work. The first day is always the worst. When I got out of bed, I felt decidedly dodgy and that’s lasted all day – a bit like I have a hangover without having had any of the accompanying fun.

I had a shower – which has been rather a disappointing experience in our new house. The shower looks good, a big old Victorian rainshower head, but you can either have a warm shower with all the pressure of a kitten licking you, or a burning hot shower with the pressure of a thousand spears. Bah.

Once I got out the shower, I realised that someone was in the garden cutting the grass. Hopefully, they didn’t see me in the shower through the blind-less window… I got dressed, had some breakfast (strawberries) and then drove Max and I down to the park for a walk around the reservoir. We saw one other dog and a lot of crows.

When we got back, I had some lunch (a lamb sandwich, left over from dinner yesterday) and a drink and Max and I listened to the radio for a bit. Then I spent about 3 hours trying to lock the bloody door – the locks are very stiff – and then went off to work.

I’ve been in rather a bogged down fug for a while but the past week has been hard. I can’t put my finger on what it is, but I’m struggling to adjust to our new surroundings and I’m having quite a crisis of confidence with The Bellwether. I feel like I’ve been droning on about this for a long time, but last week, someone highlighted to me that an Etsy shop is selling two of my designs as if they’re their own and I haven’t been able to shake it off. Usually, I sigh, get angry for 10 minutes and then shake it off, but I think starting from the standpoint of not knowing what I am doing anymore has made it all the harder to get over (I’ve contacted them, they’ve ignored me and the things are still for sale). If I was to give up every time I found someone ripping me off, I’d never get out of bed, but this week, I really just feel like I’ve had enough.

Having closed the shop whilst we moved house, I didn’t miss it. I wasn’t itching to get back to it. And I’m now thinking, maybe I should just give it up now. Maybe with business being in the doldrums and me feeling so miserable about it, maybe that’s the natural time to call it a day? But then what if I change my mind and the damage is done? Really, I need to make a decision and implement it.

Well, I suppose that’s what happens with Day In The Life – sometimes you get fun days (like Kim‘s – she got a new puppy!) and sometimes you get pissers like mine. Meh.

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Next Day In The Life

Next Day In The Life

We’ve moved house! Finally! I won’t go into the stressful details. I cried, I laughed, I threw things in frustration. But we’re in and that’s the important things. Look how happy Max looks!

So, I might start getting back to regular posting. And to help with that, let’s do a Day In The Life day! I asked Kim to choose – you should check out her blog. I love it, it’s a great mix of things that she writes about (and also, she’s just really super nice, friendly and awesome).

The next Day In The Life blogging day is Monday 24th June. For more info on what that entails and some ideas on how to join in, check this out.

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Day In The Life

I’m still blogging as part of the Blog Every Day In May thing,but as fate would have it, today’s topic is Day In The Life.  For new readers, I actually already do this fairly frequently along with whoever feels like joining in, so maybe after May, you’d care to join in! You can see what the next date will be on this page here.

Anyway, down to it. Today has been a shitter of a day, but I suppose in some ways does illustrate nicely how frantic my life can be.  I haven’t had time to take many photos, so it’s fairly word-heavy.

My day actually started last night, as I was at work until after midnight. I had to wait until some dreary Latin American football tournament started safely before I could clock off and head for home. I have been on a run of odd shifts this week, starting at 6am on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and 4pm Thursday and Friday, so my body clock is totally screwed. I only got about 4 hours sleep on Wednesday night, so I am verrrrrrry tired. I had intended to go to the supermarket on the way home, but instead, I blast the radio loud in the car and trundle home and fall straight into bed around 1.15, only pausing to say hello to the dog on the way past.

This is my dog, Max.

I wake up at 6 or so, when Lee’s alarm goes off and then again when he leaves for work. I try to go back to sleep, but the dog has joined me and is trying to crush me by lying on top of me. I am sure he means it as a sign of affection, but he is very heavy, so it doesn’t do to remain like that for too long.

I do my usual sweep of the internet and spend some time answering emails from customers and doing some research for a tutorial I have to write this weekend. I get out of bed around 8 and have a shower and get ready. I usually then take the dog out for a walk, but instead I have an urgent last-minute commission for a tutorial that I have to finish before work, so I finish off my text and then set about taking photos for the step-by-step part and the finished article. It’s pissing down outside and very overcast but with a bit of Photoshoppery, I manage to make them just about acceptable. It takes much longer than anticipated. The dog potters round the garden for a bit then goes back to bed.

Cross Stitches
This is a snippet of the tutorial, it will be live tomorrow.

Somewhere among that, I manage to wolf down two Weetabix, which I later regret, as they make me rather ill later. (I don’t like to talk about it much, but a few years ago, I had my gallbladder removed and it’s left me with a stomach that is constantly on a hairline trigger for being terribly upset.) I eventually finish up taking photos around 1315, and Lee appears from work. He has lunch and takes the very patient dog out at the same time as I leave for the big city.

I drive into town and instead of heading for work, turn off the Kingston Bridge and head for Pollokshields, where I used to live. My dentist is still there, so I get an eyeful of the amazing new Sikh temple on Albert Drive and park up and head inside to the theatre of torture. I end up waiting eons for the dentist to finish with the person before me.

Brightly coloured plastic at the dentist. Germy.

The dentist is somewhere I seem to spend a lot of time and money – I have horrible teeth. I didn’t look after them properly earlier in life and boy, do I regret that now. They now are the exact same consistency of Edinburgh Rock. This visit lasts nearly an hour and he cuts my back tooth away to the gum to prepare it for a crown in a couple of weeks time. A bargain at a mere NHS-subsidised £300.

A bit light-headed and slightly traumatised, I make my way back to the car, past hordes of mothers with their kids, coming out the primary school at the end of the road. Only when I get back to the car and look in the rear view mirror to see how puffy my face is, do I realise that I have dental cement ALL OVER MY CHIN. Nice look.

I wipe it off and drive to work, which is only 5 minutes away. I am actually early, which is a surprise to everyone, not least my colleague that I texted to say I’d be late.  I settle down to an evening of watching TV professionally and use my break to write this! The rest of the evening will be spent coordinating everyone doing their programmes, writing an event log and answering the zillions of emails and messages and phonecalls that go along with live television.

This is my desk. Bet you already have a headache looking at it.

I am looking forwards to tomorrow. I am so tired, so very tired. I am on call tomorrow for work but am hopeful of escaping The Call and catching up with some other work and some sleep!

I’m blogging every day in May as part of BEDM. Find out more here.

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1. The indie secret santa partners have been drawn now. You’ll have been emailed if you got in touch with all your details, do enjoy. I forgot I wouldn’t be able to join in myself, bah. But I have the warm glow of having organised it for others to keep me occupied.

2. The weather outside is frightful. We got a bunch of snow on Sunday/Monday, a bit more on Tuesday and today it’s raining on top of it all, rendering our patch of Brownton Mountain almost unnavigable. Max and I tried to go for a walk this morning and both of us fell over before we even got up the driveway. So I’m working from home and he’s watching telly.

3. The next Day In The Life day is this Saturday, 8th December, as chosen by Marceline. Do join in.

4. I’m giving away a Fuck The Dishes tea towel over at Miso Funky. You can win it in time for Christmas – go on, give it a go. Please make sure and tell your friends about all the things I make that are perfect Christmas gifts, whilst you’re at it. You can shop here.

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15th October 2012

0450 Wake up, in a panic that I’ve slept in. This is because for the last two days, I’ve had to be up at 0330 and 0430 respectively. I am very glad I don’t have to get out bed, so I go back to sleep.

0600 Lee’s alarm goes off. I sleep for a bit longer and he comes in when he’s ready to leave the house, bringing the dog with him, who promptly gets on the bed with me. We snooze on, whilst Lee goes to work.

0700 Checking my emails from the comfort of my cosy, warm bed. Make a mental to-do list for the day. Looking out the window, it’s misty but beautiful.

0800 Out of bed, in the shower. Max stays in bed, wise dog, until I am dressed and I offer him breakfast which he duly accepts. I have to go to work later, so I make dinner now, leftover lamb pie with mushrooms and red wine. Regardez:

1000 I eat some quiche. I don’t have much regard for eating breakfast things at breakfast, etc. I’d be quite happy eating soup at breakfast time. I think this began when I lived in Thailand and was eating rice for breakfast. I really don’t pay it much attention, but I realise it may seem slightly odd to others. Lee arrives home to swap his car for his work van.

1030 Lee goes back to work and Max and I go out to the woods for a walk. It’s really cold, Lee’s van said a mere 2 degrees.

Remind myself I am very lucky to live here.

1115 We return home and I put the dog straight in the shower to hose the mud off him. He dries off in the sun through the windows and I get on with some orders. Halloween is just around the corner so a lot of ghosts and skulls going on this week.

Making badges is not my favourite task but it is a necessity. I package up some orders and say my goodbyes to the dog, who I leave munching on some dried rabbit ears (tasty).

1230 I’m at the post office, posting those orders. There is an old man in front of me with the hair of a young Elvis, mock-berating the man at the other window for being too slow. Ho ho. I eventually post my things and get back in the car and head off to work.

1310 Arrive at work and instantly forget the serenity of the woods this morning. Busy and stressful day.

1700 I haven’t left my desk yet since I sat down. It’s been a fraught afternoon.

1800 Sarah texts me to say she’s outside, for our pre-arranged chicken eating date. Hurrah! I go downstairs and Pumpkin, the terrier, is waiting to lick the features clean off my face. I love Pumpkin, she’s the polar opposite of Max – tiny, curly, a digger. We drive round to Istanbul, which is just near my work, and serves the most amazing chicken kebabs in homemade pitta breads. It’s like a secret takeaway in Glasgow – SO good. We haven’t seen each other for a while, so we exchange news and agree to meet up again soon for a tramp in the woods with our respective canines.

1900 I’m back at work, getting on with it. Thankfully, my work wife, Kanye, is here to keep me entertained.

2230 By this time, I can’t see straight for the tireds and decide it would be prudent to go home. I leave work and listen to a documentary about Betty Driver on radio 2 on the way home which was surprisingly interesting!

2315 I make it home and pretty much go straight to bed and fall asleep almost instantly for once. Zzzzz.

DITL round-up:

– Marceline –

– Julie –

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Day In The Life – 10th September 2012

Monday was day in the life day! Marceline chose this time.  Here’s what I got up to.

I usually like to chronologically list my DITL posts but I didn’t take notes as I went on this occasion. I had been working til 1am on Sunday night, so my day technically started still in the office, glaring at the myriad television screens around my desk and keeping my fingers crossed that the Paralympics Closing Ceremony, masquerading as An Audience With Coldplay didn’t overrun (it didn’t).

I got home and pretty much went straight to bed as I was exhausted and could barely keep my eyes open. I read for a bit on my iPhone and went to sleep around 3am. I had given Lee strict instructions earlier in the day to ensure I was out of bed when he left for work, so I found myself  out of bed, blearily getting dressed etc at 7.30. I give the dog his breakfast and his pills and hoover up a yoghurt. I then get all my orders ready for the post office and set off down the hill to post them.

When I get back, I take the dog for a short walk. He has been on short walk rations whilst he has been in treatment for his bad hips, so he gets a short walk in the morning and a longer one later on with Lee. We get back and Max has a snooze on the sofa, where he is not supposed to be, as that’s how he did his leg in. But he has been pretty miserable lately, so I allow him to sneak up and before long, I am trying to sew with 40kg of Labrador on my lap, looking for cuddles. I give in and we hang out for a bit.

I am pretty much sewing for the rest of the afternoon for Renegade this weekend. I also finish up a project for a book I’ve been asked to do. Lee texts to see if we are going out for dinner tonight, but I’ve too much sewing to do, so he brings home takeout curry instead. We eat it and the dog decides he is too tired from his hard day’s snoozing to go out again and resolutely refuses to get out of bed. The painkillers have been pretty hard going for him. Little does he know, from his Monday viewpoint, that tomorrow he’ll get to stop taking them, as the dog specialist will give him the all-clear to come off them and gradually go back to normal, no surgery currently required – hurrah!

I am really tired by about 11pm having been on short sleep rations and sewing pretty much all day, so I head off to bed, as we have an early start in the morning to go to Fife with the dog for his appointment. I read for a bit on my iPhone, chat to Lee and then drop off after midnight, for a fitful night’s sleep. FIN.

Read the infinitely more interesting posts by other participants. Marceline is off gallivanting so hasn’t posted yet:

Nikki (love her layout!)





Check back with Marceline’s blog to see who the baton is passed on to next!