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#BEDM 8. Day In The Life

My day (08/05/15) begins reaaaaaally early, when my alarm goes off at 03.30. I’ve been awake off and on for the past couple of hours anyway, partly as I’m worried I’ll sleep in and partly because I’m curious about the election results. I snooze it a couple of times and then I get out of bed and have a shower and get ready as quietly as possible and leave the house around 04.45. I roll into work just after 5am and check in with my colleagues who have been working over night to ensure our election coverage on all the various channels has been OK. It’s all been pretty smooth, which is good news.
The next few hours are spent monitoring and organising the subtitlers and keeping an eye on overrunning regions and that sort of thing. At 0830, my pal Lindsay, goddess that she is, shows up bearing McDonalds breakfast and a hot chocolate. I could lick her face in happiness, but I restrain myself to wolfing it down and being grateful. Mid-morning, we gather round the TV to watch Fuck Face Farage lose his seat and then resign (him, not us). We give a small cheer and have a celebratory peppermint tea. There may have been a high five.
I have a short break around 12 to grab a Coke and do a bunch of admin, coerce a few people to extend their shifts and generally prepare for the afternoon’s programming. I’m feeling remarkably chipper for someone who had about 4 hours sleep. My office has no windows, so it’s quite jarring to pop out of my cubbyhole to go to the bathroom and realise it’s proper daylight outside. I notice in the mirror that the new Kiehls moisturiser I’m using has indeed reduced shine like the nice lady said it would.
The afternoon passes in a haze of fairly hectic rejigging of plans and smoothing of troubled televisual waters. It’s been an interesting day, news-wise. Scotland chose wisely in the election, but sadly, no one else did, so we’re stuck with the Tories for another 5 years, regardless. Now the rest of the UK knows how we felt in September after the Independence Referendum! Around 1545, I hand over to my incumbent colleague, tell him what to look out for in the next few hours and merrily skip out the door to freeeeedommmmmmmm.
I find these early shifts really hard, if I’m honest, and I usually struggle to do basic things like count or work out sums after a run of them. The past couple of weeks, I have done a few earlies, had a few days off and then back on them, so I am pretty much all over the place, body clock-wise. I get in the car and drive to Bishopton via Renfrew, which is a far less stressful experience than last Friday when I got stuck in traffic for about an hour on the M8 trying to get home. I alight at the post office and post a bunch of orders that I packaged last night and some Imperial Leather soap to my mum, who is in America just now. One of my cousin’s friends really loves it, weirdly.
I then mosey home and Lee and Max are both not long back from their respective business – Lee at work, in Edinburgh, and Max, out walking with my dad in Paisley. We have a catch up, I do some dishes and then I go upstairs and take a bath. It’s veeeeerry hard to stay awake, but I’m determined not to fall asleep before bedtime, or I will not sleep tonight. I don’t do naps, really. Afterwards, in some clean jim jams, I go downstairs and consider doing some sewing, but my eyes can’t take it, so I watch last night’s Eastenders (rubbish) and Lee sources a Chinese takeaway from one of the local places we haven’t tried yet. We feast upon it whilst watching some Netflix and then I lie on the floor for a while, with the dog, revelling in the new carpets. Max has taken to licking the living room carpet for some unfathomable reason. Also realise that we missed his 6th birthday a few days ago, and feel mildly guilty.
I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m in bed by 2130, as I have to be up at 0430 again the next day. I can’t wait for this run of shifts to be over. Just the weekend, then one more next Friday and I’ll be back on lates…yay.
What did you get up to?
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Walk To Work

If I was to walk to work, it would take me a long time. I live about 20 miles away from work, so I drive instead. Here’s my hot wheels.



Ah, back when I’d just got it and it was still clean, them were the days. Without wishing to get all Top Gear, this car costs me a bloody fortune. I have idly been thinking about trading it in for something more economical for a while but I really like it.

I’m not sure there is anything interesting about my commute – it happens at random times of the day and night, so I’m usually pretty focused on the road, trying not to fall asleep. I did see a dead body once though, that wasn’t very nice. Someone had jumped from a bridge over the motorway and I happened across it just afterwards. Some other people had already stopped and were dealing with it but that stuck with me for quite a while. I’ve also seen plenty of dead animals and live ones, too, including a giant badger which ran out in front of me one night. It was the size of a dog!

Much more interesting was my commute to work when I lived in Thailand. That was a feast for all of the senses. You can see my photo set of that here.



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Day In The Life

I’m still blogging as part of the Blog Every Day In May thing,but as fate would have it, today’s topic is Day In The Life.  For new readers, I actually already do this fairly frequently along with whoever feels like joining in, so maybe after May, you’d care to join in! You can see what the next date will be on this page here.

Anyway, down to it. Today has been a shitter of a day, but I suppose in some ways does illustrate nicely how frantic my life can be.  I haven’t had time to take many photos, so it’s fairly word-heavy.

My day actually started last night, as I was at work until after midnight. I had to wait until some dreary Latin American football tournament started safely before I could clock off and head for home. I have been on a run of odd shifts this week, starting at 6am on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and 4pm Thursday and Friday, so my body clock is totally screwed. I only got about 4 hours sleep on Wednesday night, so I am verrrrrrry tired. I had intended to go to the supermarket on the way home, but instead, I blast the radio loud in the car and trundle home and fall straight into bed around 1.15, only pausing to say hello to the dog on the way past.

This is my dog, Max.

I wake up at 6 or so, when Lee’s alarm goes off and then again when he leaves for work. I try to go back to sleep, but the dog has joined me and is trying to crush me by lying on top of me. I am sure he means it as a sign of affection, but he is very heavy, so it doesn’t do to remain like that for too long.

I do my usual sweep of the internet and spend some time answering emails from customers and doing some research for a tutorial I have to write this weekend. I get out of bed around 8 and have a shower and get ready. I usually then take the dog out for a walk, but instead I have an urgent last-minute commission for a tutorial that I have to finish before work, so I finish off my text and then set about taking photos for the step-by-step part and the finished article. It’s pissing down outside and very overcast but with a bit of Photoshoppery, I manage to make them just about acceptable. It takes much longer than anticipated. The dog potters round the garden for a bit then goes back to bed.

Cross Stitches
This is a snippet of the tutorial, it will be live tomorrow.

Somewhere among that, I manage to wolf down two Weetabix, which I later regret, as they make me rather ill later. (I don’t like to talk about it much, but a few years ago, I had my gallbladder removed and it’s left me with a stomach that is constantly on a hairline trigger for being terribly upset.) I eventually finish up taking photos around 1315, and Lee appears from work. He has lunch and takes the very patient dog out at the same time as I leave for the big city.

I drive into town and instead of heading for work, turn off the Kingston Bridge and head for Pollokshields, where I used to live. My dentist is still there, so I get an eyeful of the amazing new Sikh temple on Albert Drive and park up and head inside to the theatre of torture. I end up waiting eons for the dentist to finish with the person before me.

Brightly coloured plastic at the dentist. Germy.

The dentist is somewhere I seem to spend a lot of time and money – I have horrible teeth. I didn’t look after them properly earlier in life and boy, do I regret that now. They now are the exact same consistency of Edinburgh Rock. This visit lasts nearly an hour and he cuts my back tooth away to the gum to prepare it for a crown in a couple of weeks time. A bargain at a mere NHS-subsidised £300.

A bit light-headed and slightly traumatised, I make my way back to the car, past hordes of mothers with their kids, coming out the primary school at the end of the road. Only when I get back to the car and look in the rear view mirror to see how puffy my face is, do I realise that I have dental cement ALL OVER MY CHIN. Nice look.

I wipe it off and drive to work, which is only 5 minutes away. I am actually early, which is a surprise to everyone, not least my colleague that I texted to say I’d be late.  I settle down to an evening of watching TV professionally and use my break to write this! The rest of the evening will be spent coordinating everyone doing their programmes, writing an event log and answering the zillions of emails and messages and phonecalls that go along with live television.

This is my desk. Bet you already have a headache looking at it.

I am looking forwards to tomorrow. I am so tired, so very tired. I am on call tomorrow for work but am hopeful of escaping The Call and catching up with some other work and some sleep!

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15th October 2012

0450 Wake up, in a panic that I’ve slept in. This is because for the last two days, I’ve had to be up at 0330 and 0430 respectively. I am very glad I don’t have to get out bed, so I go back to sleep.

0600 Lee’s alarm goes off. I sleep for a bit longer and he comes in when he’s ready to leave the house, bringing the dog with him, who promptly gets on the bed with me. We snooze on, whilst Lee goes to work.

0700 Checking my emails from the comfort of my cosy, warm bed. Make a mental to-do list for the day. Looking out the window, it’s misty but beautiful.

0800 Out of bed, in the shower. Max stays in bed, wise dog, until I am dressed and I offer him breakfast which he duly accepts. I have to go to work later, so I make dinner now, leftover lamb pie with mushrooms and red wine. Regardez:

1000 I eat some quiche. I don’t have much regard for eating breakfast things at breakfast, etc. I’d be quite happy eating soup at breakfast time. I think this began when I lived in Thailand and was eating rice for breakfast. I really don’t pay it much attention, but I realise it may seem slightly odd to others. Lee arrives home to swap his car for his work van.

1030 Lee goes back to work and Max and I go out to the woods for a walk. It’s really cold, Lee’s van said a mere 2 degrees.

Remind myself I am very lucky to live here.

1115 We return home and I put the dog straight in the shower to hose the mud off him. He dries off in the sun through the windows and I get on with some orders. Halloween is just around the corner so a lot of ghosts and skulls going on this week.

Making badges is not my favourite task but it is a necessity. I package up some orders and say my goodbyes to the dog, who I leave munching on some dried rabbit ears (tasty).

1230 I’m at the post office, posting those orders. There is an old man in front of me with the hair of a young Elvis, mock-berating the man at the other window for being too slow. Ho ho. I eventually post my things and get back in the car and head off to work.

1310 Arrive at work and instantly forget the serenity of the woods this morning. Busy and stressful day.

1700 I haven’t left my desk yet since I sat down. It’s been a fraught afternoon.

1800 Sarah texts me to say she’s outside, for our pre-arranged chicken eating date. Hurrah! I go downstairs and Pumpkin, the terrier, is waiting to lick the features clean off my face. I love Pumpkin, she’s the polar opposite of Max – tiny, curly, a digger. We drive round to Istanbul, which is just near my work, and serves the most amazing chicken kebabs in homemade pitta breads. It’s like a secret takeaway in Glasgow – SO good. We haven’t seen each other for a while, so we exchange news and agree to meet up again soon for a tramp in the woods with our respective canines.

1900 I’m back at work, getting on with it. Thankfully, my work wife, Kanye, is here to keep me entertained.

2230 By this time, I can’t see straight for the tireds and decide it would be prudent to go home. I leave work and listen to a documentary about Betty Driver on radio 2 on the way home which was surprisingly interesting!

2315 I make it home and pretty much go straight to bed and fall asleep almost instantly for once. Zzzzz.

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The Longest Day




Today has been such a long, long day. After about an hour’s sleep, I relived my subtitling days and did some news reading in a little booth before doing my regular planning shift in London. It was fun to see my colleagues that I usually only email.

After work, I had a quick browse in Tiger, a bonkers shop that sells a bunch of random Danish things, of which there is a branch in Ealing. If you have a chance, pop into a branch.

My fellow Glasgow colleague and I have just had tasty noms at Tuk Cho which is basically a SE Asian Wahaca. Sweet corn fritters! Amazing.

And now to bed at ye olde Premier Inn. Zzzzz.