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This Is Not A Drop In Centre…


A full 7 years ago (that makes me feel old), I had a customer get in touch to ask me to make something for the office wall – I think they were a doctor or social worker, I can’t remember which now. It is without doubt the most chucklesome custom piece I’ve done to date.

If you have a piece you’d like to see stitched up, I can make it happen, you know. Just email me at and we’ll talk.

I’ve moved my Bellwether blogging over to this one, too, so hello to any new Bellwethery people reading!

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Blog Hop

Marceline tagged me in this blog hop, which is nice. It’s a window into the world of how us creators create. It’s nice to read how others work, especially when you’re a lone wolf, working away at home with no-one to bounce ideas off. So, without further ado…


Well, interestingly enough, given that I recently “retired” from my creative endeavours, I have actually got a very long to-do list.

  • Finish Grand Budapest Hote charts and get them online.
  • House-warming gifts for a couple of friends.
  • Stock for Red Door Gallery.
  • Christmas!



Umm, I don’t know. Does it, really? I suppose it’s designed by me and my  unique take on the world, so it differs in that way. It’s not twee as fuck. It’s not overly sweary (though it’s what everyone automatically associates me with). All my patterns are tried and tested by me, which is something that definitely sets me apart from a lot of Etsy shysters, who bash out patterns by the dozen and sell them for like a dollar each. Ugh.

My ready-made pieces are all made by my own hands. I frame them all myself. I source everything myself. I post them all. I pick the dog hair off each and every single item that makes its way out the door. DEDICATED.


Regular readers of this blog will know that in the past few years, this is something I have struggled with on more than one occasion. The thing is that now I don’t know if I create things because I enjoy it or I am just now deeply institutionalised, ie, I can’t sit down without doing something with my hands.

I still have a need to create and to produce something that I can’t explain. Ceramics is something that has been rolling around in my head for a few years now, but I’ve never had the opportunity or time to scratch that itch. But, I may have just purchased this on eBay…




Mostly, it starts with an idea. I then carry it around in my head with me, and if it sticks for a while, I transfer it to my list in my phone of things to make. When the muse strikes or time allows, I sit down and usually chart it out by hand. If it’s a large-scale piece that’s more involved, I will chart it out on my charting software on my rickety laptop that only gets turned on if it’s vitally necessary. I could really use a new one.

Then, I basically sit down and stitch it. I take note of any changes on the chart as I go, and then go back and amend it once finished. Et voila. It’s not really that ingenious at all.

I do tend to scribble down ideas at work, too. Sometimes in a notebook, sometimes on a meeting agenda, or on my hand if it’s a good un. I’m always getting ideas, but it’s the ones that stick that tend to make it into production. Sometimes, I run them past a friend or Lee to gauge their reaction. I’ve scrapped whole collections before because no-one else “got” them.

I’ve probably burst a few bubbles with this info! I don’t work very scientifically or with much organisation at all, because my life is fairly hectic and I just fit in creating when I can!

I’ll tag Claire of Claireabelle Makes and Kim of Finest Imaginary to write a little about their creative process.

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Crafty Blog Sale

If moving house teaches you one thing, it’s that you have too much stuff. It’s only when you have to carry all your belongings, every last one, into a new house that you realise you need to thin it out. Starting with some of the extraneous stuff in my studio/office, I’m clearing out some stuff. I started over on Instagram the other day and some of it’s already gone, but here’s what’s left. Instructions at the end for how to purchase! Please spread the word.


SOLD! 1. Big reel of vintage style “admit one” cinema tickets in mint green. I brought these back from USA a few years ago and never did anything with them. £10 for the lot including UK P&P. I’d rather not split these into smaller lots.


SOLD! 2. 2 x 9cm diameter wooden cross stitch blanks. These are priced at £5 each, including UK P&P.


3. Wee sampler that I never did anything with – £6 inc UK P&P.


SOLD! 4. 15ft roll of cupcake ribbon, approx 1cm wide. £2 inc UK P&P.


5. This is two seperate lots – both are ecru/grey evenweave linen aida type fabric borders – one is 7cm wide and the bigger is 16cm wide. Both are approximately 1m long. £5 for the bigger and £3.50 for the smaller, both including UK P&P. (Specify which width you’d like). £8 for both.


SOLD! 6. Wee pair of folding mini scissors in a plastic case – £2 inc UK P&P.


7. Glue sticks – wrong size for my glue gun – new and unused. £2.50 including UKP&P.


8. Set of 10 Hello, my name is… stickers in red and white – £1.50 including UK P&P (I have more than one of these).


SOLD! 9. 1 pink 3″ flexihoop and 1 white flexihoop – both for £4 including UK P&P.


10. iSlice paper cutter – £2.25 including UK P&P. Unwrapped and new.


11. Set of 2 mini cross stitch aida keychains – £3.50 including UK P&P.


12. Approx 1m squared of sock monkey cotton fabric from reprodepot, few years back – £5 including UK P&P.


SOLD! 13. Pack of double-ended cross stitch and tapestry needles. I have opened the pack – couldn’t get to grips with them, personally. £1.50 including UK P&P.


14. 7.75cm x 5.75cm portrait wooden cross stitch blank with jump ring. £8 including UK P&P.

ricrac15. Sticky ric-rac strips approx 30cm long – £1.75 including UK P&P.


SOLD! 16. Set of 8 round plastic canvas blanks, approximately 4 inches in diameter – £2 including UK P&P.

skeins17. Set of 36 skeins of craft thread for making friendship bracelets, macrame, crochet, embroidery. £2.50 including UK P&P.

squarepcSOLD! 18. Set of 8 square plastic canvas blanks – approximately 4inches square – £2 including UK P&P.

stampSOLD! 19. Small “meet me at…” clock rubber stamp. Please excuse my hideous thumb in this photo. £2 including UK P&P.


20. 5m of red and white baker twine/butcher string/whatever you call it. £2 including UK P&P. Longer lengths are available, let me know.


21. Vintage style tape measures – I have 2 blue and 2 yellow. £1.50 each including UK P&P, or if you want all 4, you can have them for £4 including UK P&P.

totes22. 3 cotton tote bags – 2 black, 1 cream. I am not sure where these came from, but perfect for embroidering on. A bit crumpled. £5 including UK P&P for all 3.

widewood23. 7.75cm x 5.75cm horizontal wooden cross stitch blank with jump ring. £8 including UK P&P.


24. Matroyshka deco tape £2.50 including UK P&P.

How To Purchase

Send an email to stating the item number(s) you wish to purchase.

Once you receive confirmation from me that you can have it (to make sure of no duplicate sales!), send funds to same email address via Paypal.

Items will be dispatched by Second Class Royal Mail post shortly afterwards. Proof of posting will be retained. In the event of any missing items, I will provide you with the proof of postage for you to make a claim directly.

Contact me with any questions at the same email address.

Have at it! I’ll likely add more things at a later date. Spread the word far and wide.

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Fable & Lore

Did we all have a good Christmas? I had a lovely one, quiet at home with my family. I was given so many gifts it took me literally all day to open them – we were still opening gifts at 10pm. I was truly spoiled.

Actually, I was still opening gifts on the 27th, as one of my gifts from Lee was delayed in the post. It was worth the wait:



I’ve been on a bit of an arrow tip (ha!) recently and Lee picked this out of my etsy favourites. It’s not been off since I ripped open the envelope! I don’t usually go for gold tones but it’s pretty nice for a change. It’s made by Fable + Lore.

Back to work today though, bah.