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Fable & Lore

Did we all have a good Christmas? I had a lovely one, quiet at home with my family. I was given so many gifts it took me literally all day to open them – we were still opening gifts at 10pm. I was truly spoiled.

Actually, I was still opening gifts on the 27th, as one of my gifts from Lee was delayed in the post. It was worth the wait:



I’ve been on a bit of an arrow tip (ha!) recently and Lee picked this out of my etsy favourites. It’s not been off since I ripped open the envelope! I don’t usually go for gold tones but it’s pretty nice for a change. It’s made by Fable + Lore.

Back to work today though, bah.

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Name That Statue

I suspect this is a symbol of something, but I don’t know what and the internet has so far failed me in finding out.  Do any of my readers know? On Downton Abbey, they have a big one in the garden (which no one seems to have taken a screenshot of, come on, internet people!).  I picked mine up for 1 euro in Dusseldorf last year and it’s only about 2 inches high or so. Any ideas?

UPDATE: It appears to be an Armillary sphere. I’d never heard of them before, but mine looks like an Armillary sundial with the dial bit missing. I still like it though. Thanks to Daniel for the info!