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Work, Lately

Some things I’ve been up to lately:

>> making a giant batch of coasters for a new stockist.

>> staying up too late sewing some new things.

>> Finally putting my Steotch Rapper’s Delight sampler up in the house.

>> Making magnetic wooden frames and getting paint all over my hands.

Punch Today Hard In The Face and Yay! are available to purchase by dropping me a line at

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April Special – Samplers Are Back!


For the entire month of April, you can once more purchase ready-made and framed cross stitch samplers. Once the calendar turns over to May 1st though, that’s them gone forever. So,  you know, you should really buy one now before it’s too late and you regret it forever.

What might happen is that you never get over the dismay, and live your life forever crestfallen. You won’t be able to focus on work, you’ll lose your job, your partner will get real tired of your shit and leave you, your health will suffer and basically, you’ll be found gnawed to death by squirrels in an underpass reeking of piss (both you and the underpass).

Anyway – click here to peruse my virtual sampler aisle.

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Tales From An Exhibition

It’s been a while, eh? I’ve been busy with all manner of things, and with work. I did take delivery of a small box of items back from an exhibition including 3 samplers which I’m offering for sale.

They’re all framed in 6 x 4 frames and are priced £20 each, or £50 for all three pieces, including UK P&P. I stopped selling readymade pieces quite a while ago now, so this is pretty much your only way of buying them unless you commission a piece.

If you’d like one, then drop me a note in the comments or email

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Dates For Your Diary

I am pretty excited to be making my re-entry to the market scene next weekend! Here’s where you can catch me in the run up to Christmas.

Saturday 28th November – Erskine Community Christmas Market.
Park Mains High School, Barhill Road, Erskine. 12 -4

erskine market

Breaking myself in gently with something I don’t usually do, a local community event in a school. It’s basically an excuse to eat a lot of home baking and play the tombola and get back in the swing of things before…

Sunday 29th November – Urban Market @ Drygate
85 Drygate Street, Glasgow. 12-5.

More info here.
Been wanting to try this for eons, so pleased to be finally able to. They are dog friendly. Maybe I should bring Max as a sales tool.

Sunday 6th December & Sunday 20th December – Tea Green Festive Market
The Lighthouse, Mitchell Lane, Glasgow. 12-5.


I’ll be making two appearances at The Lighthouse this festive season, despite my misgivings over the last event I attended there which basically prompted my retirement from markets! This is a whole different set-up and organisation – I am ready to return to the scene to try again! Looks like a pretty awesome line-up, so I am very much looking forwards to these. The latter date may be a tad late in the calendar, but should be fun nonetheless.

Please do pop in and say hello if you’re passing – I’ll have festive treats for everyone who visits!

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New Christmas Cross Stitch Kits


These new Christmas cross stitch decoration kits are now in stock – hooray! They’re super simple and quick to make and available in gin or tea flavours.


Each kit contains both charts, and everything you need to make a decoration, including one frame. You can buy extra frames too if you want to make more. Or just the frames alone if you have your own ideas.

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Delicious Donuts

Delicious Donuts From The Bellwether

It’s been a very busy few weeks here at The Bellwether HQ – Christmas is already in full swing! I’ve still found some time to get some new products uploaded, including this delicious donutty badge. Grab yours here.

This week has been a full one of shop updates, product photography and um, yeah, reopening my Etsy shop after a very, very long battle with myself. I still have some issues with Etsy but even I can grudgingly acknowledge that things have changed a lot in recent years.

It’s been quite the wrestle but as another certain website I sell on is determined to drum out small businesses and have everything looking like a John fucking Lewis advert, then I’m broadening my horizons. I don’t mind if you judge me.

It’s actually kinda invigorating to be returning/approaching a new channel. And revising things and making preparations. I’ve even booked up for three markets before Christmas – more news on that and on the exhibition I’m taking part in this month soon!

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A Fresh New Look For The Bellwether

A fresh new look at The Bellwether -

It’s been a long time coming, but I’m delighted to press go on the new Bellwether website. It’s got a whole new look, fresh and bright, and is so much more ME. Yay!

Props to everyone’s favourite photog, Holly Booth, for some cracking images and of course, my main gal Marceline Smith for her website wizardry and all-round awesome friendness.You’ll also find her super-cute creations at Asking For Trouble – check it out, I insist.

Yay! Please check it out  – let me know what you think. And if you’re a past customer, you can now leave a review for whatever you’ve bought. It’s SO FANCY.

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Autumnal Max! The Bellwether Blog

Well, lookee here, it’s October already. Max is proud to unveil the new autumnal display at Bellwether HQ cobbled together in seconds painstakingly designed and created by yours truly.

Autumnal Welcome Display - The Bellwether Blog

It’s amazing what you can do with a few pumpkins and some straw filched from the field near our house. The sock monkeys I picked up in the states last year at Thanksgiving and I pinched an ornamental cabbage from our garden. Thankfully, one of our neighbours also has an autumnal wreath on their front door, so we don’t look like the only seasonal loons on the street!

I read this blog post recently over at Rosalilium which lamented the lack of “real” stories on blogs these days so I thought I’d share this wee snippet of my life rather than posting about the latest Bellwether product for a change. I’ve gotten out of the habit of blogging, silly me.

This week, I’m concentrating on fulfilling some wholesale orders and also preparing stock for this:

The Curiosity Shop

The Curiosity Shop is opening this Thursday 8th October in Partick next door to Rio Cafe for a spell – exciting! Find out more here.