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Free Stay Furious Cross Stitch Chart available here for instant download. Stitch it up and put it everywhere.

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Free Beyonce


I used to sell this chart and a kit of the same which were both fairly popular, but as I am an international threat of the sort global megastars lose sleep over, Beyonce made me stop selling it. Someone at Beyonce Towers Rang The Alarm. It was probably really damaging her empire, to be fair, I can see why she was so peeved about it. You might say she was Crazy In… No, that’s not working.

Rather then Work It Out with me, she made it clear she was thinking only of Me, Myself and I and now thinks I am a Naughty Girl. I’m Sorry, Bey. XO.

Anyway, that means you can now have it for free. I know, much like Queen Bey, I, too, am a humanitarian. I’m also Flawless, a Survivor. And an Independent Woman (Part II).

Download your free Liberte Egalitie Beyonce Cross Stitch Chart here.

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Punch Today Hard In The Face – Free Chart!


I’ve been working on some more free cross stitch charts but ran out of one thread colour which has stopped me from finishing them off. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to get your hands on thread online during a global pandemic, but it’s proved more difficult than I expected.

Anyway, meantime, please have this Punch Today Cross Stitch Chart By Claire Brown XStitch free of charge until I get my shit together. You can download it for free right here.

Or if you prefer to sling a few pennies my way to support my work and keep me in thread, you can buy it with real money here.

And if you’re wondering how to get started stitching, download the Claire Brown XStitch Guide To Modern Cross Stitch.

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Cincinnati Union Terminal

I finished this piece before Christmas and packed it in my bag to take to Cincinnati to photograph in situ. I failed to do that because I was too busy having a great time. SORREEEEEE.

I’m considering making this available as a cross stitch chart. When I say considering, I mean it’s been in my brain for months and I’ve done fuck all about it yet. Plus ca change.