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Stickygrams #BEDM

I couldn’t bring myself to write about my dream job for today’s BEDM, as it would only highlight to me that I should really have stuck in at school and not got sidetracked by firstly, ponies and secondly, going out and getting drunk and listening to great music. I would have been a vet if I had stuck at it. I’ve written a bit recently about how I believe you can still have a successful career without a degree, so I think I got that topic covered.

Instead, let’s talk about fridge magnets. Oh, yes, this blog is nothing if not diverse and wide-ranging in the topics it covers. Lee and I have tons of fridge magnets. Every time we go somewhere, we buy one, the tackier, the better. We probably have over 50. At the moment, in the house of horrors, they are all in the garage, hidden away, as the fridge in the kitchen is integrated behind a cupboard door. But when we move, I look forwards to seeing them daily and reminiscing.

Anyway, for my birthday this year, along with other awesome things, my good friend Marceline gave me a Stickygram gift voucher, good for a whole sheet of magnets made up from images from my Instagram feed. This is an ingenious idea and I am only sorry I didn’t think of it first. The service was super-easy to use and the best bit about the ordering process was that there was none of that “oh, give us your credit card details even though you have a voucher” and I managed to check out in about 5 minutes from start to finish.


What else would I have chosen but a sheet of Max magnets? Max-nets! I got one of Pumpkin too, for my friend Sarah, as it’s such a cute photo. A Stickygram voucher or indeed a sheet of magnets would make such an awesome gift to commemorate a special day or holiday – I am already thinking of who I can give these to for Christmas (oh, yes, I went there with the C-word).

This isn’t a sponsored post, by the way. I just really liked them.

I’m blogging every day in May as part of BEDM. Find out more here.

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