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Market Nostalgia

I have a confession to make, dear reader. You know when I was banging on about markets all being shite and how I had given up on them? I miss them.


After I did Renegade last month, I realised that I actually really miss meeting customers, talking to them and seeing their reactions to my work. Like miss it enough for it to be a deal-breaker, maybe. I’ve been thinking about it for a while now but I think I want to do more events where I actually get to meet people. Do I feel like I am going back on what I said? Not really, as I still don’t want to do just any old market. So I guess that means I’ll not be rushing out the door to buy carrier bags anytime soon.

One event I am taking part in is the Lady Magpie Winter Fair on November 3rd in Castle Douglas. I’ve met Leah, the organiser of this well-established event, a few times and am really looking forwards to it – road trip! Should be a good un. My neighbour, an artisan soapmaker, has also been keeping me informed of events in my new local area, so maybe I will visit some of those for a look, too. In the meantime though, I’m officially back in the market for markets – ho ho.



I’m Claire and I live near Glasgow, in Scotland. I have strong family ties to Cincinnati, too and regard it as my second home. If I had to describe myself in five words, it would be thus: Does. Not. Suffer. Fools. Gladly. I’ve been cross stitching pretty much all my life, but professionally since 2005, first as Miso Funky, then as The Bellwether and now under my own name. I'm known for my witty, sarcastic and occasionally profane typographic designs. My work has been featured in The Sunday Times, The Guardian, Channel 4 and on BBC television as well as numerous media outlets across the globe. At one point, I was kind of a big deal but I mostly just dabble in it these days when I have time. My website is a repositry of cross stitch charts, travel and food blogging and you'll find it at I also love to travel and eat, ideally travelling somewhere great to eat something brilliant. I'm fascinated by social history, particularly the Victorians and will absolutely beat you hands down in a quiz about the Tudors. Dogs are LIFE. I like being in water and have lots of ideas that will never see the light of day but would definitely be a winner on Dragon’s Den/Shark Tank. I love to give people gifts. I! also! overuse! exclamation! marks! sorry!

7 thoughts on “Market Nostalgia

  1. I am missing markets too! I’m realising most of the stuff I’m trying to find places to store will only really sell in a face-to-face environment, but most of all I’m missing the thrills and ego boosts of it. I’m so out of the loop, though, that I have no idea where to begin.


  2. I was thinking exactly the same thing! I really miss it. There’s just nothing decent in Glasgow and I’m too weedy to carry my stuff anywhere else. Somebody save us.


  3. Look forward to welcoming you along to Lady Magpie & Me Winter Fair its shaping up to be a great day with over 30 stalls. I too miss Glasgow fairs and still wish that there was a decent one to travel too. Which is why I decided to organise Lady Magpie & Me, we’re sure excited to have tempted some designers down to Castle Douglas from both Edinburgh & Glasgow. See you on the 3rd Nov Leah 🙂


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