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Road Trip

Last weekend, Lee and I took a road trip to Yorkshire to pick up our new dining table. We bought it on eBay – there are no lengths I will not go to in the pursuit of my perfect home! We drove straight down to Saltburn By The Sea and then to the Newcastle area to spend the night and do some shopping at my favourite place, Tynemouth market. Here’s some snaps.

I picked up a few bargains at Tynemouth, including the glass bottles, all of which are from Glasgow and this suitcase, for around a tenner together. I also snagged a couple of great things for Christmas presents that I can’t show here. And some Comte cheese, because I am obsessed with the stuff. So tasty.

We also went to the new Krispy Kreme drive-thru at the Metro Centre and they gave us a free hot donut straight off the belt, just after it had come through that river of icing. SO GOOD. The cocktails were from dinner on Saturday night at TGI Fridays. Frozen raspberry margarita, oh yes.

On Sunday, after Tynemouth market, we drove to Corbridge for lunch at the Angel and then on to Hexham where there is a mega car boot sale every Sunday afternoon. It doesn’t start til 12.30, so none of that getting up in the middle of the night lark. It’s held at a cattle auction mart and it’s pretty huge. I restrained myself to this wooden planter, which Lee’s bargain ornamental cabbages will go in.

Oh and here’s the table we travelled 475 miles for.  A beaut I’m sure you’ll agree.







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One thought on “Road Trip

  1. That table is just wonderful. Well worth the mileage, although the trip sounds like its own reward. I would’ve done it for the cheese, frankly.


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