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Wit Knits

I’m not sure I ever blogged about this, but several years ago, a curious tome came into my possession. Behold…


Possibly the most 80s knitting book ever. I don’t really remember how I came by it, but one flick through the pages and I was smitten.


Ginger sauce-pot Bonnie Langford featured prominently in a variety of knitwear and lace gloves. I think you can tell from her rictus grin that by the time came to take the cat photo, she was regretting the whole thing somewhat.


A demented-looking Floella Benjamin also posed for a sporty number. Jon Inman was also suitably surprised-looking.


I guess if you looked down and saw those birds perched on your midriff, you might be a bit taken aback, too. Matthew Kelly camped it up in fine style.

But really, I know you are all waiting for Biggins…

He definitely looks like he had the most fun. My favourite pose though is Anne Diamond, then-queen of breakfast television, who clearly is the only one who took it seriously.


Lovely. I wonder where my knitting needles are?







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