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Pulled Pork

I posted this on Instagram a couple of weeks ago and received rather a lot of comments there asking me about this deliciousness. It’s pulled pork with coriander rice. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever cooked and it’s SO EASY I insist you give it a go.

Inspired by Pie In Soup’s recipe which I tried a couple of times, I winged it and made my own. (Jen’s recipe is awesome, don’t get me wrong.)

Take a large pork shoulder, around 2kg and cut off the layer of fat (you can freeze this for later if you want and make crackling. Mmm, crackling).

Slice a couple of onions and some mushrooms and spread over the bottom of a casserole dish you have a lid for. Add some peppers too, if that’s your bag. Like chillies? Go on, wang some in.

Plonk in the de-fatted pork. Stab it a few times with a sharp knife.

Grab a jug or bowl and make your marinade. Mine consisted of some garlic barbecue sauce I had in the cupboard, tomato ketchup, a little brown sugar, some HP with Guinness sauce, salt, pepper and a generous handful of chopped up coriander, stalks and all.

Pour your marinade over the pork. Stick the lid on your dish.

Put it in the oven on a low heat, around 150C for around 5 hours. You can turn it over from time to time if you like, and baste it, too.

You’ll know it’s ready when you rake a fork over it and it all comes away, shredded duck stylee.

I served with white rice which I’d mixed through with more chopped coriander. The onions and mushrooms make it a super-juicy and tasty kind of casserole. It’d be awesome with baked potatos, in a burrito, on it’s own. You’ll have tons of it with 2kg, so plenty for the freezer, or for having friends over or just to eat for like 4 days straight.

A perfect Sunday dish – stick it in the oven in the morning and come teatime, it’ll be ready. Minimum faffage, maximum awesomeness. Enjoy!



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