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31st October 2011 – Day In The Life

My rather dull day, in minute detail.

0600-ish Lee’s alarm goes off. In our new house, it is necessary to put a light on to find clothes/slippers/the door. Bleugh.

0645-ish Lee leaves for work. I am now wide awake so may as well get up.

0700 I shuffle around the vast highways and byways of our new house for a bit. I then sit down, determined to finally do the design for the Christmas card I have in mind. I am very disorganised for Christmas this year, business-wise, due to house moving etc. I sketch it out and then stitch it up whilst catching up on Downton Abbey. I have a chuckle as a girl at work referred to our new house as Brownton Abbey and it has kind of stuck.

0900 Have some breakfast, do some Super Cute Kawaii blogging and finish off sewing whilst watching Boardwalk Empire. I am beginning to get fed up with Kelly McDonald’s character.

1100 I’ve had a shower and am pottering around a bit trying to remember what it is I should be doing. I am so very tired. My shifts at work have been all over the place lately and I have had no routine and most days don’t quite know whether I’m coming or going. The postman arrives bringing our second council tax bill in as many days, this time for a different address. It turns out the original was for our neighbour’s house. Sadly ours is more expensive!  The postman knocked on the door on Saturday and introduced himself and asked how we’d like our mail – he can leave stuff in a safe place, leave Recorded stuff if we’re not in, etc. I almost wept with joy to have such an understanding and helpful postman! He’s definitely getting a Christmas card.

1200 Whilst I am drying my hair, I hear the rattle of wheelie bins outside. I get to the living room window just in time to see someone disappearing up the drive with what I imagine is our new brown garden wheelie bin that the council were supposed to deliver. I suspect they saw our neighbour’s and thought it was ours.  Either that or someone in waterproofs has just stolen our neighbour’s bin.

1230 I leave for work. I remember that I need to get petrol, so I trundle to the garage and nozzle up. It turns out that I have a lot to learn about cars, including that the nozzle needs to be in all the way or the petrol will splash back all over your hands, cardigan, shoes, dress, hair. I am a walking flammable timebomb.

1300 Driving to work, reeking of petrol. I am getting high off the fumes so have to open the window. Guh.

1315 Stop at supermarket. I love the freedom of driving and being able to do whatever you like on the spur of the moment. I quite enjoy supermarket shopping on my own, it turns out. Lee will be delighted.

1400 Arrive at work. It’s mentally busy again. I am the duty editor today, so am essentially responsible for all the subtitles, signing, audio description until midnight. Gulp.

1445 Already want to kill one of my colleagues. They are quite inept though think they are the king of everything. If they ask me one more time if I am OK, I think I will snap.

I lose track of time, to be honest, as I am so busy at work. Laura reminds me I should be taking notes when she messages me to say I can close the window if I want. I am glad she opened it, it’s roasting and I reek of petrol. I have a headache.

I struggle through to 2015 which is the time my colleague has decreed I can take my break as he doesn’t want to cover the phone over the busy news time which on a Monday is 6 – 8. I’m too tired to argue and make a mental note to complain to my boss at some point that break cover is abysmal for such a stressful job.

2030 I’m in the kitchen, eating my pasta. Two subtitlers are in there, asking me questions about the new workflow system that’s been brought in. I don’t know the answers and want to just eat my dinner. I change the subject and then head back to my desk to read some RSS feeds but give up as the phone is ringing off the hook with more problems for me to solve.  Sigh.

2200 Somehow, I am enduring Question Of Sport for the second time today. Speak to colleagues in Australia who do work for us overnight. Usually the last couple of hours are not too bad, but tonight it’s busy right up til midnight. I am so, so tired!

0010 Make it out the office and get in the car. I put the radio on loud and singalong with Motown classics to keep myself alert. It’s a bit spooky driving along dark country roads on Halloween night alone! As I am thinking that, I realise I haven’t seen a single person dressed up today. A badger shuffles out in front of me further ahead on the road. I have never seen one in real life! Lovely.

0100 I get home, put the shopping from earlier away and then collapse into bed. Zzzzz.

Rather a dull entry from me, but them’s the breaks with Day In The Life! Marceline is collating this time, check out her blog for the others.



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