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In America they call brown sauce steak sauce

Yeah, I know I said it was Day In The Life, but sadly, I’ve been ill, so haven’t been able to do it. Sorry Lynsey, who was the only person to do it! The rest of you – feel shamed.

I had a nice day in Edinburgh on Sunday meeting lots of new people, talking to customers, selling lots of emobroidery and getting very wet feet in the torrential thunderstorm that thankfully didn’t last very long.

In the early hours of Monday morning though, I awoke to terrible stomach pains and a pain in my shoulder, which I’ve encountered before. Then the projectile vomiting started and continued for about 6 hours. UGH.

Cutting to the chase, I managed to drag myself to the doctors and it turns out that I need to have my gall bladder removed! I thought it was just a stomach bug or something, but it’s either gall stones or the actual gall bladder that needs to be whipped out. I’ve got to wait for an ultrasound to confirm which and in the meantime am dosed up with painkillers, anti-sickness tablets and feel like I have a permanent stitch the sort I’ve not experienced since cross-country running at secondary school. Very painful and most uncomfortable!

I’ve been off work for the last few days as that’s how my shifts had worked out, but will be back tomorrow, to see how I manage. And then I suppose I am just waiting to hear what it’s to be. BOOOOOO.

It also means I am immediately on a strict diet, cutting out as much fat as possible, no dairy, low sugar – i.e. no fun at all! It’s Lee’s birthday on Friday, so I won’t be able to indulge in cake even (well, maybe a mouthful). I’ve organised a smaller cake just for him though – he better not make me watch him eat it!

If anyone has any tips for fat-free low sugar cake, send ’em my way!



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