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I half expected Cloverfield to be a film about butter

It’s day in the life day today, so here is my entry. And happy birthday mar-c! Your present is in my suitcase waiting to be posted!

6.30: Wake up and glance out window to see same dense fog that seems to appear every morning. Go back to sleep

7.00: Alarm goes off. Press snooze.

7.28: Cannot ignore alarm any more. Get up and investigate fog situation. Feel stupid as I realise it is actually condensation from the searing heat outside and the icebox AC temperature inside.

7.30 In shower, listening to BBC World News blaring from TV in bedroom. Since moving here I have become a lot more au fait with current affairs and financial happenings in the world as there is not much else on TV I can keep up with this early in the morning.

8.00 Having breakfast of Frosties – they’re grrrreat!

8.20 Leaving my room, into the lift. Say hello to the cleaning lady. Wave hello to camp man from shop. Out and discuss the weather in Tinglish with security man. Into taxi.

8.30 Stuck in traffic.

8.37 Still in traffic, on outside lane of 5 lane highway.

8.45 Have inched along about 3 millimetres. Wish I could get out and walk but would be instantly killed by one of the 17 gazillion motorbikes that are flying past.

8.50 Finally arrive at the office. There is some confusion amongst the driver of the taxi as to whether he will fit thru gap between wall and oncoming car. He tries it anyway and knocks the other car’s wing mirror off. Both driver shrug, smile and wave and carry on their way.

8.55 Down to the food court for a smoothie. The girls there know me by sight now and shoutmanao (lime) at me when they see me approaching, as this is what I always have. Fox them by asking for pineapple. They look disappointed. I am disappointed as it is not as nice as the lime one – too fibre-y.

9.00 Upstairs in office. Forgot that today is the day of week that I am supposed to wear GIANT polo shirt. Thankfully, a few other people forgot or purposely did not either.

11.30 Have been working on boring tickets all morning, nothing of great note. Sneaked a look at some blogs I read. It’s a girl at work’s last day today, so the whole office is going out for lunch to a place called Vanilla Cafe. I hear it is “not far” from here. We all assemble and go downstairs and wait for taxis to take us there.

11.40 Downstairs waiting for taxis. The spikey haired girl from the smoothie stall is outside and she shouts hello to me – everyone is impressed that I have a friend! Into taxi with Visit, Wan and Luis for epic journey to restaurant. It takes almost an hour to get there. The taxi driver is channelling Nigel Mansell and is being very frustrated that he can’t drive at more than 1 mph. We are all hanging on for dear life as he tries to overtake a motorbike with about 55 million drinking straws in a huge plastic sack strapped to the back. I am the only one laughing tho.

12.30 Arrive at restaurant – wow! It is set in a beautiful Japanese garden, very zen. There is a cookery book shop next to the restaurant and I can see Gordon Ramsay’s ugly. pock marked mug staring at me from the window. There is lots of perfectly raked gravel and fountains, etc. Some girls are walking around on the gravel messing it up. I like to think there is a sniper on the roof waiting to take them out, but no sign.

13.00 This place is amazing! It’s decorated really nicely – there’s a table football table, tin robots on a shelf and some of those viewfinder things that we used to have as kids. I have a cola lime frost to drink which is basically shaved ice covered in lime juice topped with Coke. The most refreshing thing I have ever drunk I think(but thru a straw or my teeth would dissolve instantly).

13.45 The food is really nice. We have a selection of dishes to share between the 15 of us – everything from sushi, broccoli soup and spaghetti to noodles, rice and crabcakes. There is also a ham and cheese toastie ordered apparently for me – I have no idea why. It tastes like plastic and I donate the rest to the others. The spaghetti is really nice as is the beef noodle dish. I even try a bit of crab cake and it turns out to be really quite tasty – creamy and not fishy at all.

14.45 Finally back to the office. The traffic on the way back is no better than on the way there and 2 of our number fall asleep in the back.

18.00 The afternoon is spent doing the handful of tickets left from this morning, chatting to people on MSN and generally faffing. I leave work very promptly so I can get back to Oakwood for my last nite and get packed.

18.30 Make it back in record time and head straight upstairs and put my swimsuit on. Sling on my dressing gown, grab a towel and I am ready to go.

18.45 I will really miss this pool! It’s so relaxing. The sun has set and the sky is a kind of indigo colour now. It’s nice to just float and look thru the palm trees to the indigo sky. Think about what I need to do tonite and worry as I do from time to time that I have done right thing in coming here. Decide that now is not the time to worry, but the time to do some improvised aqua aerobics. Do press ups at edge of pull (in water), some more laps and then have a rest in the jacuzzi bit.

19.30 Back upstairs, had shower and now eating dinner whilst watching Two and a Half Men. I love this show, altho Lee I know will be cringing reading this as he thinks it’s awful 🙂 Dinner is rice with pork balls acquired from Tesco the other day when I was buying duvet etc. It is ok – just ok.

20.00 Packing! I feel like I’ve been away for years and I have managed to spread my belongings to the 4 corners of the apartment. Gather up everything to be packed, only leaving what I need to wear tomorrow, etc out.

20.30 Remember to empty safe – phew!

20.45 Finished packing – thought it would take much longer. Log online to post some photos up, answer some emails and check if anyone’s blogged (they haven’t).

21.00 Decide that my time would be better spent finishing my latest emobroidery project. So I go thru to lounge and sit and finish it. I have mar-c in mind when I am doing this as I think she will be most pleased to see it.

21.30 Ooh, The Remains Of The Day is on. I have never seen it, so start watching it whilst sewing.

22.45 Finished sewing, but film still trundling on. Decamp to bedroom to watch end.

23.50 Wake up, TV blaring, confused. Switch TV off and go to sleep – good nite!

PS – if anyone can tell me what happens at the end of the film, that would be great, thanks.



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2 thoughts on “I half expected Cloverfield to be a film about butter

  1. Why thank you – I am blushing! Honest, it’s not just sunstroke!

    Why don’t you join us in day in the life? You’d be more than welcome and your blog posts are always great to read. Just stay tuned for when I decide the next one is! 🙂


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