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I could just buy a massive tractor

Now, this really is the height of technology!  I am writing this sitting on a fancy Virgin pendolino train which is as we speak tilting round a corner in the Lake District.  The tables are even equipped with plug sockets so you charge your mobile phone or laptop (only those, mind) and gone are the days of those paper tickets sticking out the top of the seats to show that the seats are reserved – all electronic these days with mini displays above the windows.  Very swish!

What, I hear you ask, am I doing on a train in the lake district on a computer?  Well, sadly I had to visit the Lancaster office today to go thru some training things before I depart for Thailand.  I was pretty much dreading it as most of the people I’ve met from there before have either been complete aholes or just downright weird, but it was actually not too bad.  I am pretty exhausted tho and so glad to have caught the earlier train home.

The pace is starting to pick up now until my departure – 2 weeks today I’ll be on my way!  The intervening days are filling up fast with meeting old friends before I go, Marceline’s leaving nite on Friday, packing, my Mum visiting … time is really flying by and I feel a bit unprepared.  I suppose, in reality, I have everything I really need ready, so all I need to do is sling some pants in a carrier bag and head to the airport!

I was reading the other day about a phenomenon with birds flying in flocks and performing aeorbatic displays and how no one really knows why – I just looked out the window to see 2 separate swarms of birds about 50 metres apart doing really elaborate spirals in the sky.  It was so cool!  I think I am the only person on the train who will have seen it as everyone else is too busy plotting ways to kill the 3 noisy kids nearby (who’s mother keeps bellowing at the tutters, if you don’t like it, go and sit somewhere else).

Last nite was Lee fixing mar-c’s lights which was long overdue and was a lot more fun than it sounds.  Tonite I am going to bed when I get home as I can barely keep mine peepers open.  Tomorrow I am having dins with my friend Elaine who I used to work with at Strathclyde Police.  Both of us have moved on from there, but kept in touch and she has recently embarked on a stand up comedy career.  I have not caught her live yet, but her video on You Tube was really funny.

That’s all for now, I am off to try out my telekinesis skills on these suitcases and these kids’ heads …



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