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I know what I am. I’m an alpha female and I like it.

My second day in the life of – boxing day!  I don’t have internets at home sadly just now, so I did not write as I went, meaning 27th and 26th are somewhat blurred into one in my mind, but here’s my rough approximation!

crimble-018.jpg  crimble-017.jpg  crimble-016.jpg

7.15am Awake to the sound of Anne Frank (our boiler in the cupboard) chugging into life.  Sigh

8.20am Is that soup I can smell? 

8.45am Decide further resistance is futile, so open eyes to the sight of the ceiling, above.  Shuffle to bathroom, have bath. Playing Zelda in the bath, hurrah!  Such a nice way to spend the morning.  Haveshower, dry hair, get dressed, etc.

9.30am Sit down in living room. Mum is staying with us just now and she has made Lennon family traditional Boxing Day omlettes. This basically consists of taking all your leftover roast vegetables, potatoes, turkey, kilted sausages, etc and chopping it up and then throwing in frying pan.  You then break your eggs over that and hey presto, it’s an omlette.  As mar-c says, num num.

9.40am Have a rifle thru Christmas presents – this year was a great year for gift receiving (and, I’d like to think, gift giving).  One of my gifts was a dressing gown(altho I’d say it’s more smoking jacket length) in bright pink with hello kitty all over it. I look H-O-T in it!

crimble-024.jpg  crimble-020.jpg  crimble-023.jpg 

9.45am Look out the window for a bit. It looks cold outside.

10.00am Discover that yes, that was soup I could smell. Mum was making stock with the turkey bones. It now transpires that we used all the carrots yesterday.  Mum decides to go for a walk and buy some more soup vegetables.  I decline the offer of fresh air and watch the Two Ronnies instead.

11.20am Put heating on, it’s cold. Bring beautiful flowers through from bedroom. 

12.20pm Make tea for Lee and mum. Lee looks on in amazement as I’m sure he thought I didn’t know where the kettle is.  I never make tea as I don’t drink it, but Mum is here so I am being polite.

12.45pm Have lunch, which is the left over delicious Polish soup that we had for starters for Christmas dinner.  It has enormous meatballs in it and is very tasty.  Ponder what the mystery ingredient is that looks like giant peppercorns.

13.00pm It’s called English Herb, Mum texted Aleks to find out.

crimble-035.jpg  crimble-033.jpg  socks.jpg

13.20pm Lee’s playing Guitar Hero. He’s playing songs I have never heard before and also songs I have, which is nice. Can’t find out how to unlock Sabotage tho. Maybe I’ll have a shot.

14.30pm Whilst Lee is playing GH3, I’m cross stitching. For leisure this time, rather than for frantic order fulfilment, which is nice. The poodle is slowly but surely taking shape. I’m glad I did not rush it to get it done for Christmas as it has turned out that the parcel I sent over to America has not turned up in time anyway. It’s very fiddly. Altho I have done a lot of it, there is still about 2 thirds of it not done.

15.20pm Whilst Lee is playing GH3 and I am cross stitching, Mum is making sock animals from the book that mar-c gave me for Christmas. So far, she’s made a sock dog and sewn up the monkey I made.  A baby monkey is in production.

crimble-031.jpg  crimblewatch.jpg  crimble-041.jpg

16.1opm Well, wouldn’t  you know – I DO like Quality Street after all!  I thought I didn’t like them for years, but I secretly did. Which is just as well, as we were given an enormous tin of them for Christmas. The 3 of us are making good inroads into the tin.

16.45pm Still crafting. Break off to get Lee to program new watch. It’s braw! Jo and Ryan gave me it for Christmas. Monsters Inc’s on, yay.

17.10pm Playing with new fish eye camera. I’ve always wanted one of these.  Lee bought it for me. He said he wasn’t sure if I’d like it, but I was over the moon with it!  It’s odd getting used to it being used to a digital camera, but I am excited to see how they turn out.

crimble-048.jpg  crimble-025.jpg  crimble-028.jpg

18.30pm New baby monkey, hurrah!  He’s waving at us!

19.10pm Dinner is served – it’s leftovers from yesterday.  It looks a state, but it was very tasty.  My particular favourite was the cauliflower cheese and the roasted parnsips – again, num num.

20.00pm Dishes, doing the dishes, whoa!  That is the song in my head whilst washing up.

20.30pm Christmas TV is bad. I don’t recall it being this bad last year.  There’s nothing on.  So sleepy as have had no fresh air and have done nothing but eat for past 2 days.

21.00pm Mum’s talking to the sock animals.  It’s time for her bath and then to put her to bed!

21.45pm Watch the end of something rubbish on TV and then head to bed.

So, there we have it – a very dull day, chez Brown!  You can read slightly more thrilling installments here:




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I leave you with this, my favourite photo of the day:




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