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Have you noticed how many people on the tube look like Vladimir Putin?

Bus watch, days 1 & 2

Monday morning – new flat, yay!  Same old job, booo.  I was not looking forwards to my return to public transport, but it’s not actually been as painful as I expected.  My first morning, I left the flat about 8.05 and sauntered round the corner to Dumbarton Road and along to the shop for some fortifying water.  I then glanced in the bus stop to check on the times for the 90 in case I ever need it – it had already left, so I stuck with my original plan of walking along to Partick underground.  It was such a sunny day and a really pleasant stroll, even without my ipod (we’d run the battery down on Sunday bopping to Calvin Harris as we unpacked stuff).

The underground station at Partick has been being renovated since Noah was a lad in short pants and is still all over the place.  None of the ticket machines was working, so I had to queue for a couple of minutes for a ticket, then straight on to a train downstairs and off at St George’s Cross.

I walked round the corner to Maryhill Road and within 2 minutes a bus had arrived.  A colleague also arrived and gave me a reminder on all the bus numbers and prices and I was set!  I even got a first hand Metro, none of your crumpled up, inside out nonsense!  I arrived at work around 8.50, pleased that it was relatively pain free.

Now, I, as much as you probably were, was expecting today to be far worse, thinking that perhaps the big guy was breaking me in gently.  But it was even easier today, with no queue for tickets and the sun not blinding me quite so much so I could see where I was going.  Maybe buses aren’t so bad after all …  I can almost hear mar-c choking in disgust!

Stay tuned for more bus watch!



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