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You’re not getting married are you? Really? Golly.

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I have so much to blog about, but I wanted to get my holiday posts out of the way first, so I have mostly forgotten what I wanted to say. My posting about holiday was sadly interrupted by the unusual step of breaking a finger. It doesn’t sound all that bad, but man, was it annoying. How did I manage that, I hear you cry! Well, to cut a long story short, a box of books fell on my hands from the loft as I passed it up to Lee. The handles gave way and it fell on my outstretched fingertips, making a horrible crunching noise on the way. 4 hours in casualty later, I came home with painkillers and a strong desire never to be in a hospital again. When I got into the consulting bit, the nurses were all too busy to see anyone, being that they were crowded round a computer on Myspace. Grrrr.

Anyway, my right hand was all bandaged up as was my left one as it was quite bruised too, so I could literally do nothing for a week. I was off work as I am right handed and couldn’t type, I couldn’t craft and I could barely even make myself a slice of toast. It’s fair to say that I was bored out of my mind. I was so bored I took an unhealthy obsession with Jeremy Kyle and Midsomer Murders – see my photo blog for evidence!

But, it’s healing well and I am back to full mobility in both hands, interspersed with bouts of throbbing pain, bizarrely, usually in the middle of the night, down the side of my right hand. Not sure why that is, but I am actually almost glad to be back at work and out of the evil clutches of daytime television.

What else has happened? Well, there was the week of 2 weddings in a row (3 for poor Jo) – first Catherine and Lee’s and then Jo’s Dad. Catherine and Lee’s big day was simply beautiful. They are one of my favourite couples, in that they are so clearly not only made for each other but so head over heels in love with each other despite being together for 10 years (a inspiration to us all!) Their wedding suited them down to the ground – relaxed, unhurried, romantic, touching, funny … and that was just the speeches! Jo and I bawled our eyes out as Catherine made her way down the aisle to a Super Furry Animals song played by a 3 piece of flutes and (I think) cello and we were still bawling as the new Mr and Mrs Black (no more Nivlack!) made their way back up the aisle to The Beatles All You Need Is Love – I am welling up again just thinking about it. It was truly the perfect day for them and so much fun for us as guests! We met so many lovely people and had a great time in the evening when the rest of the crafting crew showed up. And I managed to just about eat my dinner one handed and was thus spared the embarrassment of having Lee cut up my chicken! Congratulations you guys!

Next day was Jo’s Dad’s wedding and it was another beautiful day! They got married in St Mary’s Cathedral on GWR and the place is absolutely stunning inside. They had a religious ceremony with a full choir and then on to Cottiers for the reception – I’d never been to Cottiers but it is lovely there, the food is great and the staff very friendly. The evening passed in a bit of a haze I must admit, vodka induced this time, but I do recall a lot of dancing, chatting and merry making! Ann, the new Mrs Barltett’s dress was stunning, I was most envious of her great figure in it! Jo was acting as wedding planner/organiser of everything and bridesmaid and also looked divine in her blue dress – see here for the photos!

After all that excitement, it was pretty inevitable that we should be made to pay for the fun we’d had – and Lee and I both caught stinking colds, which are still lingering. Lee’s was so bad he was off work for 2 whole days – he’s never off sick. We’re both recovering now thankfully.

We are currently courting estate agents most evenings to see which of them are going to be the ones to sell our little flat! I have grown to love our home, but it’s time for us to move on to pastures bigger and so we are looking at selling our place pretty soon and moving to somewhere with another bedroom which is generally bigger. Our place is ideal for a single person or someone looking to get on the property ladder, so if you know anyone who’s looking, drop me a line!

I am sure lots more has happened, but I think that is the salient points for now. Back to normal now! Chin chin.



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