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I am going to take the scenic route.

Miso Funky Rejects!
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Well, it’s been an interesting week or so, in which the following happened:

We pretty much sold out of baby things at the craft fair in Kilmacolm. It was a great day out, despite us getting hideously lost on the way and ending up almost back where we started. And I won 2 prizes in the raffle! On the way back we went to KFC which was most welcome and we ate chicken until our eyes bulged in general celebration of a good morning’s work.

Saturday evening was spent watching terrible television and making the latest addition in the Miso Funky range – MF Rejects. The premise is that these critters will be the guys who didn’t make the grade to be Hamish’s sidekicks. They’ll all be named and have a little bio attached to them, so I hope people will buy into that!

Sunday – I slept for 12 solid hours and awoke feeling hungover, but unsleepy. Jo and I went to Ikea for some craft supplies – a most unexpected source of great packaging, papers, etc. Then on Sunday evening, a quick change and we were off to St Andrews In The Square to see Rebecca sing with her band the City Sinners. The evening was an homage to Gram Parsons, an artist I know sod all about, but the tunes were interspersed with a chronological background to the man, so it was not only entertaining, but educational too! Sadly, we had to leave just into the second half as we’d parked ridiculously far away on a limited metre, but I hope to be able to see them again soon. Rebecca is such an amazing singer! It brought tears to my eyeballs, I was so proud to see her up there!

Sorry, I will stop being sentimental now! MF wise, we’ve been on a bit of a high, as we’ve managed to make a few sales through the website to random people. This has caused us great joy and as such we’ve taken slight leave of our senses and decided to give free UK shipping up til Christmas. Hopefully this will encourage people to buy! Go on, you know you want that disco tie!

This week at work has been a bit mental, so I am knackered. I had more tests at the doctors yesterday re the diabetes thing. They said that my blood sugar is too high and they are doing follow up tests to decide what it is. It’s most likely not diabetes, but some other thing like it that I can’t remember what it’s called, apparently. So I’ve now had blood taken twice in a week and I really don’t like it. I feel a bit shabby now but otherwise fine, apart from the eyeballs which are still itching!

Enough of this medical talk! MF is going on tour this weekend! We are heading to the Cluny market in sunny (we hope) Newcastle this Sunday and leaving early on Saturday for a bit of a road trip! Me, Mar-c and Jo are heading south to take in the delights of Tyneside, hopefully visit the enormo-craft store there and see the Angel of the North. We’re staying in Tynemouth at the No 61 hotel, by the seaside! So we are all getting slightly overexcited about it now.

Better get making some more stock!



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  1. How was the road trip? I participated in the Newcastle/ Glasgow cultural exchange by receiving visitors from said city, going to the pub to watch the football and then going to see a band from Newcastle.


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