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What do slugs and snails actually eat?

What a week of contrasts it has been! And it’s only Wednesday!

Yesterday I finally had confirmed what I hoped was going to happen – I am off to Bangkok next week! I had not blogged about it for fear of tempting fate, but my lovely bosses are sending me off to train some staff at our office there. Regular readers will know that I went out there last year for a week for the same purpose and L-O-V-E-D it.

This time though, I am going it alone. I’ll be left to my own devices and able to explore what I want to explore! Due to the relatively short notice and the timing, neither my potential travelling partners could make it – Lee can’t get time off work and Jo will be on holiday in Mexico then (lucky swine). Applicants, apply here to be my Sherpa!

I have managed to get flights booked which will give me a couple of free days over the weekends to explore a bit more this time too, so I am really quite excited about it.

Of course, no sooner than the flights were booked, than I came back upstairs to my desk and discovered Sky news alerts flashing away to tell me that there was a coup and that tanks were taking up position around town. I am assured by my Thai colleagues on the ground, as it were, that it’s perfectly safe to travel though, although my mother is taking some convincing. It will certainly be an adventure!

I am also told that I will be one of the very first people to fly into Bangkok’s new international airport, the largest single terminal airport in the world. Something else to add to the adventure!

It’s been a real day of highs and lows today. This morning I received a call from my credit card company to ask me if I ever played poker online. Sadly it was not just them taking an interest in my leisure pursuits – some dullard had stolen my card details and been merrily playing poker with them, unbeknownst to me.

This would have been slightly easier to believe had Lee not received a similar call from his bank yesterday, alerting him to the same problem with his bank account. In Lee’s case though, they had made off with more than double the amount of money and bizarrely donated some of it to Christian Aid. Maybe they had a guilty conscience! Although we will get our money refunded, it does mean a whole heap of inconvenience for us, especially now I am heading off next week.

To counter such dull news and a crap day at work to boot, I received an email this afternoon from my bank – giving me a free case of wine! How lovely! I can’t recommend smile enough – it’s like banking with a friend. Switch now!

In other news, I scanned my entire life into flickr, go see. Nothing crafty to report as I am STILL knitting this order of rabbit slippers, but hopefully should finish that by tomorrow when I can then knit a hat for mar-c.



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