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I simply cannot believe that you’ve never seen an opera.

well, what a week it’s been. Let’s break it down.

Saturday, we got all the packing finished, we tidied up, posted the wodge of things I sold on Ebay and then kind of hung about until it was time to leave for the airport. Then we did all the exciting airport things like eating onion rings, drinking alcohol, playing air hockey. It was a lot of fun.

Once we finally got to Kos, it was organised chaos. News of the security situation at British airports has clearly not made it as far afield as Greece where it is very much a free for all. 5 flights from the UK arrived at once and after a fight to reclaim our strangely moist baggage, we had to then sit on a coach for 1.5 hours waiting for everyone else. We finally made it to our apartments, tired, grubby and grumpy at about 5.30am.

However, we awoke late on Sunday morning to glorious sunshine and sweltering heat. We quickly got ready to face the elements and went exploring. Highlights were some free range cows in a field with no fences at the end of the road, what seemed to be an archaeological dig a bit further down and a moped hire place called Moto Steve. We took in the marina, the harbour and the castle, before finding what is allegedly the oldest tree in Europe where Hippocrates invented medicine and then wending our way back to our apartments to have a dunk in the pool.

On Monday, after more tanning/dunking action, we went on a jaunt to the south west of the island to indulge the pensioners within on a short cruise to see the sunset. It was beautiful if a bit rough and once we had all taken pictures of the sun disappearing, we docked at a little bay and had a barbeque and got bitten by some mosquitoes. Lee tried to teach me how to skim stones, but I was hopelessly inept at it and settled for getting my trousers wet in the sea instead.

On Tuesday we got up very early to go to Bodrum in Turkey for the day. After a false start, we eventually made it to the boat and we arrived about 45 minutes later. Turkey is right up there with Tijuana for me in places where you think oh that might be good and it turns out to be a bit of a hole. Albeit a pretty hole. We had a short tour round to see some windmills and then some jewellery that we had no interest in buying before having a good look round the town and then going back to the relative sanity of Kos.

On Tuesday night, we went to a traditional Greek taverna in a mountain village called Zia which was very beautiful (see photos). The evening itself was pretty entertaining, although the fact that we were stuck on a table with an extremely dull couple (that we dubbed Lou and Cheryl as in Neighbours) did hamper the evening’s jolity somewhat. The wine was free and free flowing though, which meant that come the end of the evening when it was time to stand up, we made somewhat unsteady progress homewards.

The rest of the week we did pretty much bugger all, which was much needed. As a result of that and the p20, we got fabulous tans, read lots of books and generally had a very relaxing time. Kos is beautiful and the people so friendly and I’d heartily recommend where we stayed for a relaxing holiday.

But alas, now I am back and the relaxed pose of my shoulders is slowly but surely being replaced by the hunched over look of before. Coming back on a Monday was probably a bad idea, especially as Lee doesn’t need to go back until Thursday. It’s a busy week ahead as we have the Miso Funky market on Saturday, so back to reality with a bump. Ho hum.



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